About me

I am Associate Professor in Demography and Deputy Research Director at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies located in the UCL Social Research Institute. 

My research interests span a number of substantive areas in social demography and epidemiology. My research has examined the association between advanced maternal age and child well-being, with a particular focus on whether and how it varies across different groups of the population and time periods. I am currently the PI of an ERC Starting Grant investigating families the effects of Medically Assisted Reproduction on children, adults and families. More generally, I am interested in whether, and if so how, family processes are associated with children and adults’ well-being. My research has been published in demography, multidisciplinary and medical journals such as the Lancet, PNAS, Demography and the International Journal of Epidemiology.

In 2020 I was awarded the European Demographer award.

You can reach me out at: a.goisis@ucl.ac.uk
Here is my CV and Google Scholar.