Associated level of Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (2013)

Courses taught
2019-2020  Population Studies, guest lecturer (UCL)
2019-2020  Reproductive Health, guest lecturer (UCL)
2017-2018  Applied research workshop (LSE)
2017-2018  Long Essay in Social Policy (LSE)
2016-2017  Sociology and Social Policy, guest lecturer (LSE)
2015-2016  Social Epidemiology, guest lecturer (LSE)
2014-2015  Introduction to Global Population Change, guest
lecturer (LSE)
2013-2014  Basic statistics for medical sciences, class teacher (UCL)
2013-2014  Gender, Knowledge and Research Practice, guest
lecturer (LSE)
2010-2013  Demographic Description and Analysis and  Data Analysis for Social Policy, class teacher (LSE)